I’m interested in life is so wide, that I don’t really know where to start…

I am writing this text at Cafe de Siam on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. It is a sunny day on December 30, 2022.

The world is an endless source of inspiration for me. This fascination with the world is what I try to translate into art. Every day we are bombarded with a lot of information, we live in the belief that time is running out, we are unable to avoid the yelling of advertisements and news. In my work I am looking for harmony – peace and balance. I want to stop for a moment and feel inner peace.

I have been practicing graphic design for the loot few years. I have learn to adjust the project to the client’s needs, guided by my knowledge, intuition and experience. I am happy to develop projects also take private commission. Cultural institutions, small or large companies,.

I was born in 1991 in Przeworsk. In 2010, I graduated with honors from the General School of Fine Arts in Jarosław. In 2015, I graduated in Graphic Arts at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin, specializing in graphic arts. During my studies, I received the Minister’s Scholarship for outstanding achievements, the Rector’s Scholarship for the best students four times and the Dean’s distinction for the master’s diploma „Synthesis of form” supervised by prof. Krzysztof Szymanowicz. In 2017, I did an internship at the Gate 44 graphics studio in Milan. Between 2018-2022, I worked at City Gallery in Wrocław, where I was responsible for designing and coordinating the visual identity of exhibitions and taking care of the graphics workshop.

Currently, I run my own studio on Koh Phangan in Thailand.


Art ติดเกาะ market, Koh Phangan, Thailand
artpower.pl, Krakow, Poland
Citty Gallery Wroclaw, Poland
Gate44, Milan, Italy



  • 30 Artists for the 30th Anniversary of Rynek6 Gallery, Jarosław, Poland
  • Pamela Sienkiewicz & Bartosz Cebula, KAIF, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • April Waves, Pop-up art exhibition, Chaloklum Beach Road, Thailand


  • Art Market, Siam Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Bartosz Cebula – Linocuts, The Copperplate Engraver’s House, Wrocław, Poland


  • You Are the World, Contemporary Art Gallery MD_S, Wrocław, Poland (March)


  • Atlante, XI Premio de Gravado, Museo de Artes do Gravado a Estampa Dixitial, Ribeira, Spain (August)


  • Quadriennial of Polish Woodcut and Linocut, BWA Olsztyn, Poland (December)


  • 2nd Jan Feliks Piwarski Graphic Competition of the Print Room of the University of Warsaw Library, Poland (December)
  • Warsaw by Art, I do not agree to compromise in art, Art Gallery on the Right Side of the Vistula, Warsaw (September)
  • Main prize in the poster competition of the 40th Old Music Festival in Stary Sącz (September)
  • 2nd International Graphics Biennale, Łódź, (No title), + text in the catalog – A matter of titles (September)


  • Six-month artist residence at Gate44 printmaking studio, Milan, Italy (October)
  • 1ST International Print Biennale Yerevan, Armenia (Collision with Andromeda 12) (October)
  • 16th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms – Łódź, Poland (Collision with Andromeda 15) (June)
  • X Biennale of Student Graphics Poznań, Poland (No title) – nomination for the award (April)


  • „Art Now” – Noble Parcel, National Museum in Krakow, Poland (November)
  • Small Visual Forms 2016, r_z Gallery, Rzeszów, Poland (Collision with Andromeda 12) (November)
  • 4 Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland, Romania (Andromedid 2) (October)
  • 16th International Biennale of Small Graphic Forms and Exlibris, Ostrów Wielkopolski (Collision with Andromeda 11) (September)
  • The Ninth Biennal International Miniature Print Exhibition (September)
  • II Bimpe, Biennal International Miniature Print Exhibition, Canada (Colision with Andromeda 10, 11, 12):
    -> Federation Gallery, Vancouver
    -> Dundarave Print Workshop and Gallery, Vancouver
    -> UBC Okanagan
    -> Gallery, Kelowna
    -> SNAP, Edmonton
  • 9th International Miniature Biennale, Częstochowa, Poland (August)
  • 1st International Graphic Biennale, Lodz, Poland (Miki)


  • „Andromedas 1,2”, linocuts presented at the exhibition „Image: matter – form – structure – construction” which took place in the Labirynt gallery in Lublin, the exhibition was the result of a competition and the third joint venture of young artists of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and students of art history of the Catholic University of Lublin running the Gallery 1 them. B. Straws, (May-June)
  • „Altar” installation presented in the Gallery of the Academic Cultural Center of UMCS „Chatka Żaka”, which took place as part of the „Night of Culture 2015” organized by the Workshops of Culture in Lublin, (May-June)
  • „Andromedas7”, linocut presented at the exhibition entitled „Bestiality – an exhibition of current art” in Browary Lubelskie-PEARL, which took place as part of the „Night of Culture 2015” organized by the Workshops of Culture in Lublin (May-June)
  • „I hear nothing, see nothing, speak nothing”, lithographs presented at the 22nd International Biennal of Homour and Satire in the Arts, Gabrovo 2015, Bulgaria, January
  • Small graphic forms presented at a group exhibition at the Museum of performing arts in Ternopil, Ukraine


  • Untitled, serigraphy presented at the group exhibition of professors and graduates of the High School of Fine Arts in Jarosław, „Reminiscences 2014”, which took place at the Attavanti Main Gallery at the Center for Culture and Promotion in Jarosław, (December – January)
  • from 02-03. 2015 the exhibition was also presented at the Regional Museum in Jasło, organized by the informal association of artists from Jasło 2007
  • The Buried City, a screening of awarded animations in the competition Łeba-The Buried City, organized by the Municipal Library in Łeba, Poland (September)
  • linocut from the „Collision with Andromeda” series, exhibition of the 15th Biennale of Small Graphic Forms and Exlibris, Museum of the City of Ostrów Wielkopolski (September)
  • graphics presented at the collective exhibition  entitled Daydreams at the Leipzig Cultural Center (June)
  • untitled, works distinguished at the exhibition of the 9th National Art Competition „Satire beyond the edge” at the Museum of Cinematography in Łódź (June)
  • 4 linocuts from the „Collision with Andromeda” series, exhibition of the 15th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, Municipal Art Gallery in Łódź, (June)
  • „I can’t hear anything, I can’t see anything, I can’t say anything” lithographs presented at the exhibition „Dream of an Ugly Night” during the opening of the Narnia Culture Center in Lublin, an exhibition organized by the Lublin Fantasy Association „Sirius’ Citadel” (April-May)
  • graphics and drawings presented at an individual exhibition in the PROwizorium gallery at the Łuków Cultural Center (March-April)


  • „Andromeda in Tryńczy”, linocut presented at the individual exhibition at the Gallery of One Image in Lublin (November)
  • Untitled, exhibition of the International Competition for Satirical Drawing „Warsaw and Warsaw, or good and better about our capital” Muzeum Karykatury im. Eryk Lipiński in Warsaw, (October)
  • works in the field of painting, drawing and graphics presented at the exhibition „Onion Fields 2” Gallery of the City Hall in Przeworsk (September-December)
  • untitled work, at the exhibition summarizing the 3rd National Jurassic Plein-air of Satirists, organized by the Municipal House of Culture in Myszków, a commemorative calendar was published (August)
  • The Fifth International Cyprus Cartoon Contest, Troika and Greek Financial Crisis, Nicosia, 1st Honorary Mention (July)
  • presentation of linocuts and etchings at the exhibition summarizing the 9th Artistic Workshop Jarosław 2013 „Around the Town Hall”, organized by the Art School Complex in Jarosław, the Center for Culture and Promotion in Jarosław, the Jarosław City Hall and the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź (July)
  • „Landscapes” monotypes, 2nd National Illustration Workshops, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and the Kossak Manor in Górki Wielkie, honorary distinction and special award (June)
  • untitled work, presented at the National Exhibition of Caricature and Satirical Drawing on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists, entitled „End of Jokes” at the Polish Institute in Sofia (Bulgaria) (May)


  • untitled work, presented at the National Exhibition of Caricature and Satirical Drawing on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists, entitled „The End of Jokes” at the Rampa Theater Gallery in Warsaw, (December)
  • Untitled, work at the exhibition of the 2nd National Satirical Drawing Competition „Mushrooms”, organized by the Municipal Cultural Center in Widawa (August-September)
  • „Warmia-Rebellion of Culture” animation presented at the 9th International Festival of Street Arts „Bruk Festival” in Olsztyn (July)
  • A series of exhibitions „Onion Fields2” drawing, painting, graphics, presented in the following galleries:
    -> Attawanti Main Gallery in the Center for Culture and Promotion in Jarosław, (29-01-16.02.2012)
    -> Magnesium Gallery at the Museum in Przeworsk, (June 9-July 15, 2012)
    -> Gallery „Under the Angel” in the Municipal Public Library in Tryńcza (7-8.07)
  • „Jews” cardboard engraving, size 100x62cm, III Przeworsk Art Review, BGŻ bank award (June)
  • „Nude”, exhibition of the 14th edition of the National Student Photography Competition in Lublin, organized by the Independent Students’ Association, winner of the review (April)
  • „Nowe N” animation nominated for an award in the competition for a film promoting the new installment of the National Museum in Warsaw, the competition entitled „NEW NATIONAL”, films presented on Millionyou.com website (April)
  • Untitled work at the exhibition of the 7th National Satirical Competition BIAŁY BEAR in the Radzyń Cultural Center in Radzyń Podlaski (December – January)

2011 …

Bartosz Cebula NA SWIATECZNYM MARKECIE W KOH PHANGAN linoryty cykl prac
Pracownia Galerii Miejskiej we Wrocławiu Wrocław Marta Kubiak Bartosz Cebula
ja, Agata, grafiki i matryce w mojej pracowni we Wrocławiu
Bartosz Cebula w pracowni grafiki warsztatowej we wrocławiu
WARSZTAT W PRACOWNI WROCLAW linocuts matrix roller ink
DETAL JEDNEGO Z LINORYTOW Bartosz Cebula printmaking linocut craft dots lines
NOWE RAMKI DO PRAC DYPLOMOWYCH Bartosz Cebula printmaking